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Sparkling 2.96 Ct E-F White Vvs1 9.5 mm.Brilliant Round Cut Moissanite Solitaire

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Sparkling 2.96 Ct. Vvs1 Round Cut Moissanite Solitaire. Lab Created 9.5 Mm. Color Is Approx. White E-F in color. This Moissanite Is VVs1 Eye Clean And Bursting Out With A Full Spectrum Of Colors. With a refractive index of 2.65-2.69, this Fire Moissanite exhibits more brilliance and fire than a diamond thanks to a dispersion that is 2.4 times higher than a natural diamond. It is also earth friendly and conflict free. With a 9.25 mohs measurement of hardness this moissanite will test positive for a diamond on almost any diamond tester. This Moissanite is Gorgeous and ready to mount. 

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12/10/2023 8:15 PM
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12/13/2023 8:00 PM
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