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Poised Dancer Ballerina Bronze Sculpture

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This lovely Sculpture of a man ballerina carrying his partner up high above him. The strength of this man is magnificent, he carries her with just one hand. A piece of clothing above their nude bodies is just one of the things they chair in common. It lays on her upper and all her midsection, only exposing her legs and arms. While it falls down from her body it is nicely placed atop the man right thigh covering his private area. The handmade Bronze Sculpture was cast using the ancient method of lost wax casting and stained with a brown patina finish for preservation and is mounted on a marble base. Dimensions: Height 27 X Width 20 inches. Weight: 25 LBS.
Size: 27X21X21
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03/23/2023 1:15 AM
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03/27/2023 1:00 AM
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