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168LED 1000W AC90-260V Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

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3/16/2023 1:15:00 AM
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3/20/2023 1:00:00 AM
Effective led grow light: kolem grow lamp with 24 unique big reflective cup & 168pcs 5w led chips which is different from the other full spectrum led grow lights. 3500k color temperature makes your eyes feel comfortable. This indoor plants light works well for your grow tents, grow shelves, seedling cultivation, succulents, hydroponic rooms, greenhouses, etc. Max 3.5g yield per wattage(power draw). High yiled & less cost: this grow lights only consume 120w with the highest par/lumen output(612umol at 18in)! This grow light saves up to 53% energy than other led grow lights. Perfect for 2x3ft, max coverage 3x4ft. Over 97.8% of light energy can be absorbed by plants. Sunlike plant grow light: the combination of red and blue grow lights produces radiation that is harmful to humans. We truly offer a "Sunlike" full spectrum led grow light contains all wavelengths of light from 380nm to 800nm, delivers more highly-uniform light needed by plants than those single red and blue spectrum indoor grow light on the market. Nice growing light for commercial growers and plants lovers. Auto fans & daisy chain: the power cord is double used for power and daisy chain, great for you to simplify growing operation and management, link more grow lights while using one wall outlet only. We suggest max 5pcs the same power led grow light in the daisy chain. Our plant lamp built in 2 fans, quick heat dissipated to ensure the led grow light's long lifespan. Quality materials: our grow light build with fire-retardant ul94v-0 & has ce/rohs/fcc certified. Package included: 1 x grow light, 1 x stainless hanging kits, 1 x 5ft us power cord. (Plug: US Plug)